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It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. The summer seems to have flown by. As I’ve written before I decided to get into the movie biz and it actually worked. I ended up working on three feature films this summer. The last one required that I work on location in CT for 6 weeks and that was pretty crazy. In this industry the hours are so long that you literally sleep and you’re back at work. Since you pretty much eat all meals on set, you never get away. I’ve enjoyed the challenge and the craziness of it all and hope it continues. I’m currently between films so I’ve been knitting and designing which is a happy thing.

Like many I’ve become enamored with tinyowlknit’s pattern beekeeper’s quilt and I’ve now knitted 77 hexipuffs.


I’m also working away on a granny square afghan using my numerous skeins of Cascade 220. I’m just making one giant granny square and seeing what happens. The rounds are getting quite long now and I barely have a lap blanket. Maybe making squares and seaming together wouldn’t have been a horrendous idea. :-)



I’ve also been designing. I managed to send in two submissions in the past month so fingers crossed. I also released a new design yesterday and have another one planned for release next week. I also have one of my ebook designs complete so I guess I’ve been somewhat productive the past few weeks.

Here is the new design: Sabine.


It’s a shawl using two colors of fingering weight yarn. I used approx. 375 yards of Color A (blue) – Dream In Color Smooshy (Colorway: Beach Fog) and approx. 220 yards of color B (light brown) – Black Bunny Fibers CashSock (Colorway: Pilsner).

This pattern is available for $5.50.


Finally, I’ve been training for a half marathon all year. Sadly because of the movie work I’ve had some big interruptions to my training regime but I plan to run nonetheless though I won’t be winning any prizes for speed. I ran 10 miles on Sunday and it wasn’t half bad. I’ll be running the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon with a ravelry friend. Recently this friend lost a very good friend to cancer and so she has decided to run to raise money for the cancer society in memory of her friend. I think we’ve all experienced the loss of someone to cancer and so I’d encourage those who are able to help support such a worthy cause. Feel free to donate to the cancer society here.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the very long absence.

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  1. Brenda says:

    I know that pretty girl in the last photo!!! Good to see your post, Caryl!

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