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In my Ravelry group, we’ve spent the month of June wrestling WIPs (works in progress) and I’ve been pretty successful. I still have a couple of goals yet to meet but overall I feel I did well, especially with the crazy hours I’ve worked during the month. We’re likely going to continue to wrestle WIPs during July as well if anyone wants to join in the fun. Here are some some pics of the FOs. Lots more pics on individual project pages if you ravel and on flickr.

1. Stripe Study by Veera Välimäki.
As blog readers will remember, I was suffering from lack of knitting mojo for a while there. A friend decided to send me two skeins of yarn (red and grey) and the Stripe Study pattern to help get my mojo back. Great friend, eh? It definitely helped me get working on reviving that mojo. Thanks Adrienne for my Stripe Study kit.

Taking the picture on the beach and a wave came up. The water was ultra cold.

2. Entrelac Scarf by Lisa Shroyer
I took a class at Vogue Knitte Live with Rosemary Drysdale to learn to Entrelac. It’s a lot easier than I expected and quite fun. I finished this project a while back but just never got around to photographing it.

3. Akimbo designed by Stephen West

Quality Cousin Time

I got my cousin to take pics of me today with my many finished objects. He’s visiting from Syracuse for the week and we’ve been hanging which is kind of cool since I barely ever see him. He’s 15 and I guess I get along well with the teenagers. Probably to do with my general immaturity. Anyhow, turns out that my cousin, Kory, had learned to crochet (just the very basics) in a home ec class. He saw this purse that I’d crocheted and decided that he wanted to knit one for his girlfriend. So with my help we actually turned out a decent purse. He sewed in the lining and everything himself and I was impressed as I couldn’t sew at 15. I can barely sew now.

Here’s my clutch:

Here’s my cousin’s; his girlfriend loves pink. You can see some beginner errors but overall a very good job. And fun for us both.

Here are some fun pictures of said cousin as after he finished shooting me, I took over and took a bunch of pictures of him. He enjoyed posing.




  1. Terri says:

    I have a Stripe Study in progress too! I really like it. That is so cool that your cousin can sew and made something for his GF.

  2. Christine (farmgroupie) says:

    Your photos are amazing as usual. I love the stripe study shawl. I am just about to do the BO on mine.

    The Entrelac scarf is gorgeous and I love how plump and pretty it is with all of those gorgeous colors!

    I think I am going to need to knit up an Akimbo for my own self!

    Gorgeous work.


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