Summer brings out the crazies…

I’ve noticed more and more on the subway this summer that the crazy folks are coming out. There were those proclaiming the rapture but more than that there are just random people going nuts around the city. I’ll recount a funny tale momentarily but I thought I’d share the first verse of one of my favorite poems by Yeats – The Second Coming. This poem for me seems to describe so many situations perfectly…from the state of politics to just the crazies out for summer:

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Now to the funny story. I’m currently working on a movie and I was walking from our holding area to set to run some errand or other. I’m walking pass an office building and this man in business wear just strips off all his clothes, I mean everything and starts walking down the block. I was so shocked I just stared. Luckily/unluckily for us, there were cops driving down that same street at that moment and so they were quickly able to deal with the situation. Here are some photos I took with my phone during the goings ons:



After a few moments, I left and went on to run my errand. On my way back to holding, I saw that the cops were not just going to arrest this man that had lost it but had call in for the medics. Points to NYPD.


My Mugging

So last week Monday, it was the end of day 6 of filming which meant we would finally get one day off. Many of us went out for a couple of drinks and then I went on home. Filming is crazy. 12-15 hour days and 6 in a row. Yowsers! My cousin who had come to join me and the crew tried to convince me to head back to his place but I told him that I desperately wanted to head home as I had to go shopping for the next day for my trip to Bonnaroo (I’ll blog about this in the next couple of days). Anyhow, I fell asleep on the train and instead of getting off and taking a shuttle to Rockaway Park where I live, I ended up going all the way out to Far Rockaway. My mother always tells me to avoid Far Rockaway and I’ve always dismissed these warnings. So I wake up to look up to this guy hovering over me trying to rob me. I startled him by waking up and he startled me by robbing me. He ended up taking my backpack and ran off the train. I ran after him but the doors closed with him on the outside and me stuck inside. I was in shock that this had occurred and it took me the next two stops to get off the train and go tell the ticket booth clerk what had occurred. When I told the clerk, he told me there was a cop on the platform so I told the cop who then called all cops in the area. I gave a description of the perp and pretty much every black male wearing black a T-shirt that night was stopped and I was driven to them to make an identification (from the car so that my identity was safe). None of the guys they stopped was the perp. I feel bad being responsible for racial profiling that night.

I had joked to the cops that this guy would be the only robber carrying knitting. We then get a call from some other cops that they had found something. Turns out the guy went through my bag and decided he liked my laptop, wallet which was replenished with cash (I had quite a bit of petty cash from this movie job in my wallet), etc but that he had no use for my knitting and so had dumped it. I was fairly happy to get that back as it was a 2/3 complete design that I had been working on. I then had to go to the precinct to make a statement, then the cops drove me home where I had to wake up my poor mother and tell her what had happened. At this point it was around 3am. Luckily I keep spare keys for my place at her house so I got those and went home. My ID has my mother’s address on it and so the next day she changed her locks as I had a copy of her keys with mine. What a hassle… It was especially a hassle for me as I had to travel 2 days later and had no credit/debit cards, etc. Luckily I have a passport and Discover Card overnighted a new card to me. I have to give props to the cops who were great and who have taken my case very seriously. After getting back from my trip I went in and looked at mugshots and they had called all my credit card companies to see if there were charges that they could trace.

I have since bought a new laptop as it’s integral to my work – both knit design and freelance – and I’m trying to get everything back to normal again. I find I’m super hypersensitive on the trains now though. It’s not helping that we’re working some crazy schedules on the movie at the moment: noon – 1 or 2am. It’s nearly 2am and I’m still at work.

I’m going to end on this funny pic. It’s a Dunkin Donuts ad that got pulled because Far Rockaway folks were unhappy but it’s so funny and so true in my situation.



  1. Samantha says:

    Holy crap, so sorry to hear about this. Glad you weren’t hurt though. Can I only fantasize that you got a Mac?! ;-) I woke up in Coney Island once, luckily nothing happened. Ever since then though, I make myself stand up late at night when I don’t trust myself to stay awake.

    • Caryl says:

      I didn’t buy a Mac. Everyone on set has been saying I should have. I’ve actually been looking at some movie ads for production work and a lot of them require ownership of a Mac. Who knew??? I’ve been reading on the train to keep myself awake. It’s such a long journey home for me that I’d prob fall asleep standing up.

  2. O. Jolly says:

    So sorry for your ordeal and glad you weren’t hurt!

  3. michelle says:

    Wow what an ordeal, glad to hear that you are ok. Having lived in Brooklyn also I have surely heard of stories from friends and family on Far Rockway.

    Ok nudi guy, theres a place call Bellview Hospital.

  4. nicole says:

    Glad you’re ok and got your design back. That would have burned me to have to start over. That sucks for your mom though, mine is a like a bull when she wakes up. She’d never let me travel alone again. lol! overprotective much! i love your designs, you’re very talented.
    p.s. what movie are you working on? that is cool!

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