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I’ve been a bit digitally silent the last while. Life’s gotten a bit busier. I’ve now started interning on a small, independent film and it’s fun to see the process. Filming hasn’t begun yet but I’ve been assisting one of the producers and there’s a lot to get done before we actually start shooting. I’m really looking forward to that aspect.

In some random news, I was interviewed on the Malabrigo blog and so if you’d like to find out a little bit more about my story, especially as related to Malabrigo, check it out.

I also just finished up my FIT class – yay! Our final project was to choose some vintage Coco Chanel inspiration (no Karl allowed) and use that to design our own collection. It was a pretty tough project and despite a lot of procrastination, I had it done and turned in on time. I think I spent more time procrastinating than I actually did doing the project. :-)

Here’s my inspiration board for the project:


Then here’s the clothing I designed based on my mood board:



I must say I fell in love with coloring tweed. It seemed like it would be so difficult but it was actually fun. You’ll notice on the inspiration board that I had to choose fabrics to use for my collection most of which I got at Mood or B & J fabrics. So then with the coloring I had to replicate the fabric which was a challenge but fun. Chiffon was definitely one of the harder things to replicate.

Finally, we had to do front and back flats of the clothing.


My flats definitely need a lot of improving. My hand isn’t the most steady and so my flats don’t look as precise as they should. Nonetheless, I think they came out ok.

Here’s the full project:


And then since I shared Asaka’s work on the swim project, I’ll show her awesome Chanel project as well.


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  1. florapie says:

    I mean this in a good way, so I hope Asaka’s not offended, but her awesome board totally reminds me of playing with my Fashion Plates toy as a kid!

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