Monthly Archives: February 2011

Cider, knitting and more homework

It’s another Friday night which means I have class in the morning. This week I was a bit better about doing my homework. Thursday night I did the drawing and tried to color but coloring at 2am is just not a good idea. So this afternoon I got down and dirty with my markers and [...]

Ravelry Group: Yup I did it.

Hi everyone, Tonight I decided it was probably a good time to start a ravelry group. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to start a group because it felt awfully big headed. But it made sense to have a place where testers can discuss what they’re testing and, for those interested, to keep track of [...]

Photoshoot of my new favorite design

On Saturday, after my FIT class, I met a friend near Central Park for some photography of my new design. After a day of near summer weather the day before, it was absolutely freezing. This was made worse as us optimistic New Yorkers were not best attired for a day that grew colder by the [...]

Hot chocolate and Knitting

So this week I’ve been out and about. On Thursday night I met up with my friend Jen for hot chocolate at City Bakery. It’s currently the hot chocolate festival and each day this month there’s a different flavor hot chocolate. Thursday night’s flavor was ginger and lemon which didn’t sound too appetizing but I [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day and a winner

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you all had a great day if you’re celebrating and a great day even if you’re not celebrating today. I’m single so it was much like any other day. The weather was absolutely amazing though so I went for a run on the boardwalk. Wish my body was as [...]

Featured Knitting Blog and other ramblings

Today I had my second class at FIT in Fashion Art and Design. It’s a class to learn to draw the fashion figure. This is something I really want to learn because I’d like to expand my abilities as a knitwear designer. Almost all magazine submissions ask for a sketch and at this point that’s [...]

Happy Superbowl Sunday and Valentine’s Giveaway

It’s a sunny day today here in NYC. After sleeping in, then watching Liverpool beat Chelsea (Yay!), I went outside to take some yarn pictures. By the way, I’m not a Liverpool fan but I abhor Chelsea so I’m always happy to see them lose, especially after they spent £70 million on buying Fernando Torres.  [...]