Monthly Archives: April 2010


Tomorrow I leave fair NY for Quito, Ecuador where I will spend the next 4 months. Today I spent a small fortune at USPS. I’ve been participating in a traveling scarf and since I’m leaving I asked that scarves be sent to me early. So I sent on 3 scarves today. Also last year I [...]

I can't believe I won!

I just got a call from Jeremy? at Purl Soho saying that I won one of the door raffles. I went to Purl Soho yesterday for the Customer Appreciation Day. I got there around 1:30. I entered the 2pm door raffle, got nothing. I entered the 3pm raffle. Did the beginners embroidery class for 30 [...]


I’ve just published my new sock pattern. They’re called Circuitry and are available here or on ravelry. Pattern details are available on the pattern page. These socks are knit using slip stitches to create the colorwork pattern. The pattern has been tech edited by Kate Vanover, k2togkate. Also, thank you to all my test knitters [...]

Nine Days

It’s hard to believe that I fly in nine days. I really feel like I should have a lot more to do before I travel but I really don’t. I have my visa and plane ticket and all I really need to do is pack. Last time I worked in Ecuador I brought way too [...]

Taking a break

My mind has been so caught up in designing of late which has been cool but I knit because I love it and while I enjoy designing, I’m always thinking. Thinking of sizing, a different edging, what my next design might be, what other colors I should try, etc etc. I haven’t gone to that [...]

Pausing at Purl

Us NY knitters have been chatting about Purl Soho moving to new premises for a while. And me being a yarny groupie with time on her hands made my way over to Purl for its opening day. And I must say: Love the new place!!! It’s huge (especially compared to the old digs). Now the [...]

Biggest Loser

Last Wed, the NY Marathon Lottery winners were announced and I was not accepted. Big bummer as I really wanted to do the marathon again this year. I contemplated running for a charity again like I did last year but I really couldn’t face having to raise $3,000 again. That reminded me that I needed [...]

Oh Caryl (Carol)

Yesterday, the Creative Director, Joe, started singing this song called “Oh Carol” when he introduced me to Nicky Epstein. I asked him who sang that since I’d wanted a song with Caryl (Carol) in it forever. I bogarted Sweet Caroline as my song calling it Sweet Carol – ine. Today, when he introduced me to [...]

Meeting Nicky

Today I worked (interned) at a Soho Publishing photo shoot. First thing I had to do was put all the clothes from a trunk on hangers onto a rack. Then I had to steam iron all of them. I got a few steam burns – steam hurts! Then during breakfast, a woman showed up and [...]

What a day!

Today has been a harrowing day. It started out well. I’d been working on a sock design for a while. While I love knitting socks, I hadn’t really thought of designing any. Then I saw information about this sock revived design contest and decided I had to enter the fray. I knew I wanted to [...]