Fame! (15 min of Italian fame)

A few weeks ago, a fellow raveler messaged me and asked if she could feature my pattern for Sweet November Shawl in the knit/crochet section of an Italian online mag called Leiweb. Obviously I said yes. Anyhow, the post featuring the Sweet November pattern was published today. It’s about how film inspires knitting. I quite like this section:

“La talentuosa Caryl Pierre (qui il suo blog e qui il suo Etsy shop) ha da poco rilasciato, infatti, lo Sweet November Knit Shawl, per cui ho già chiesto e ricevuto dall’autrice l’autorizzazione a realizzare una traduzione in italiano.”

I don’t understand much of it but I like “La talentuosa Caryl Pierre”. Maybe a movie title, a psycho knitting woman who befriends a couple and finds ways to eliminate the guy because of a Sappho-like love of the female member of the couple. :-)

In other news, I knit a tweed version of my Jay Street Slouch. I just wanted to see it in tweed. I thought the tweed would really lend itself to the seed stitch.

Pattern: Jay Street Slouch by Caryl Pierre
Yarn: Peace Fleece Worsted (0.8 skein) Siberian Midnight


  1. Alice says:

    Hi dear, "la talentuosa Caryl Pierre" means "the talented Caryl Pierre". ^-^PS: someone commented on the post (in English) saying that she wants to buy the shawl. I told her to visit your blog to contact you.

  2. Caryl says:

    Thanks for the heads up Alice! I replied on the post as well.

  3. That is so cool. Congrats!!

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