Monthly Archives: March 2010

Stop the Presses…

Well yesterday was a crazy day. Back on Feb 22 I applied for a job with World Teach, a volunteer organization, as the Summer Program Coordinator for their Ecuador program. After a few weeks had passed and I hadn’t heard back from them I assumed that they weren’t interested in me for the position. Anyhow, [...]


Roku means six in Japanese. With the changing weather and my love for color, I’ve wanted to design items using colorwork. These mitts have been knocking around my mind for a while and they put me in mind of technology, futuristic, words like that. I kept trying to come up with a name for the [...]

Madison Trip

Andrea and I casting on for Little Birds This is way late for posting this but I spent the last half of last week in Madison, WI. It was a pretty great knitstravaganza time. Andrea (ravname: Selkie), co-Mod on the Anthropologie Knits group on ravelry, hosted me in Madison and she was definitely the hostess [...]

On the road…

I’ve been lamenting the lack of travel in my life lately and so I’m happy to be off on a short trip to the Midwest. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with Andrea (AKA Selkie) in Madison. Yarn crawl, Madison Knitting Guild event with the Mason-Dixon peeps, I can’t wait! A lovely knitstravaganza long [...]

Goal Attained: Paluk Snood

One of my New Years goals was to publish at least 4 patterns this year. I had no clue that I would manage to accomplish that by March 8th but I have. Today I uploaded another pattern to my ravelry store. This pattern is: Paluk Snood It’s downloadable from ravelry or non-ravelry users can use [...]

Fame! (15 min of Italian fame)

A few weeks ago, a fellow raveler messaged me and asked if she could feature my pattern for Sweet November Shawl in the knit/crochet section of an Italian online mag called Leiweb. Obviously I said yes. Anyhow, the post featuring the Sweet November pattern was published today. It’s about how film inspires knitting. I quite [...]