Monthly Archives: February 2010

Hot off the presses…

I’ve released a new pattern. It’s the Jay Street Slouch. This hat is knit in worsted weight yarn. It’s photographed in Malabrigo Merino Worsted (colorwary: Rhodesian). The pattern can be downloaded from ravelry (click link above) or from the sidebar of this blog (both ravelry and non-ravelry users can use that link).

Snowpocalype – The Sequel

It seems that winter is in no mood to let go. There were a few sunny days, then very rainy and then snowpocalype. My brother’s school was closed today which I think made him very happy as he would have had to take a test otherwise. .Life lately had been up and down – almost [...]

And the medal goes to…

Me!!!! I completed my first Ravelympics event, the Designer Original Dance, and so won a medal for the following design. Jay Street Slouch I named it the Jay Street Slouch as the inspiration for this hat came as I was standing on the Jay St-Borough Hall platform waiting for the F train. When I write [...]

Twist and Shout

Yesterday, I had day 2 of work at Gotham Fine Yarn. It was a busy day. We’re looking to change the yarns carried by the shop so I spent a lot of the day on the phone talking to yarn suppliers to find out their policies and buy-ins. I suggested String Theory yarns to Rebecca. [...]

Paluk Mitts Pattern

Yesterday I released another pattern. These are my Paluk Mitts. These lace mitts are knit using the Lingonberry pattern (pohlamarjakiri) from Haapsalu Ratik, New York 1972 (republished in Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia). Paluk is a common name for Lingonberry in Estonia. These mitts are inspired by the Regency period in England; I’m a [...]

Snowpocalype Now

It’s snowing outside and they’re expecting a snowpocalype overnight (some are saying snowmageddon). Many companies have told workers to stay home and most skills have closed so my brother will be home all tomorrow. I have no outside obligations tomorrow so it will be hot chocolate, movies/TV and knitting. I have a crap load of [...]

Easy Money

I’ve just made the easiest money I’ve ever made (or potentially will make). Being unemployed, I’ve signed up to do focus groups and the like and finally got invited to do one. It was for L’Oreal (though handled by a focus group company) and I was going to be paid $150 for 2 hours of [...]